16 Year Old Black Trump Supporter Schools Black Lives Matter Activist in Epic Argument

A teenage black supporter of Donald Trump faced off against an older Black Lives matter activist on Tuesday in Atlanta — and the pair drew quite the crowd.

The older man — donning a Black Lives Matter T-shirt — yelled at the teenager in the streets outside the presumptive Republican presidential candidate’s rally.

But the teen — who indicated he’s 16 in one of a number of videos taken during the fracas — seemed unfazed. He was accompanied by three white youths who also appeared to support Trump — given their unison chant of “T-R-U-M-P, we’re gonna trump Hillary!”

“Why would you support a racist?” the man hollered at the teen. “He’s gonna send you back to Africa, that’s what he said! You’re a disgrace to America, a young black man supporting a racist!”


The teen smiled at the man and said “thank you,” and the debate was on.

“How does your parents feel about you holding a Trump sign?” the man asked.

“Are you gonna let me talk, or are you gonna yell?” the kid later retorted.

When the topic of illegal immigration came up, the man insisted that Trump’s wife is an illegal immigrant since “she’s from Europe,” which made the teen and his friends chuckle.

“She’s legal,” the teen answered. “Just because she was born in another country does not mean she has illegal citizenship.”

A white woman holding a sign aloft approached the teen from behind and began arguing with him, saying he should “go get educated” and that it’s “sad you got brainwashed.”

Image source: YouTube

But the teen and his friends turned the argument against the woman, asking her what kind of education she has; the woman answered only that she has worked on previous campaigns.

Soon the older man and the teen were at it again.

“His grandfather and father was KK members!” the man yelled at the teen. “Read the history!”

“KKK members, you mean?” the kid replied, correcting him.

“They was Ku Klux Klansmen — KKK!” the man said. “Who’s against your color, against your skin, against your people!”

“I think the Democratic Party founded the KKK, by the way,” the teen replied. “Just sayin’.”

Here’s the full clip of the teen’s debate with older black Trump protester:


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