An Open Letter to Streetwear


Dear Streetwear,

I must say that I am incredibly pleased with where you are right now. Your clean lines and minimal aesthetics has brought some sense of art to what was once dominated by rappers and white guys who thought they were gangster. You’re not even limiting yourself. You’ve been throwing love to everyone by looking good on athletes, artists, fashionistas, or pretty much anyone who tries you out.
I would agree that you’ve most definitely pushed fashion forward. You’re encouraging designers to look ahead instead of always to the past and to start using more of your techs materials. You’re making men actually pay more attention to fashion -finally!-, offering your garments in not only black and white, which looks great by the way, but in pastels and earth tones and a number of colours and prints that in the past would have received a homophobic comment. You’ve even brought legitimacy to camo! File_005-15 You’re allowing women to not only look damn good, but play with the ‘mensware look’; a look that not only encourages everyone to examine female equality but gender in general. And we all know how much the fashion world loves androgyny. Plus, your sporty slant adds to the idea that we should be living a more active lifestyle, which is always a bonus.

So thank you Streetwear. Some say that you’re just too trendy, that you’re warping fashion. To them I say nay! You are more than that. You are a much needed spark in fashion and that the fashion world is always evolving. You are the next step in how we express ourselves through clothing. You ruin nothing. People who want to wear suits and dresses will do so; I know I will.
Just know that you are appreciated by this fashion lover and should continue to be interestingly amazing.
Best regards,
Paul Alexander


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