Beyoncé’s Ivy Park Explodes Worldwide

Courtesy of Ivy Park

Image via Ivy Park

Beyoncé’s clothing line dropped yesterday and the pandemonium is real.

The branded ‘atheleisure’ collection of over 100 pieces launched online and through physical stores, such as Topshop, Notdstrom, and Net-a-Porter, with many places already nearly sold out. The craze even managed to crash the Topshop site and the scarcity of stock has lead to cases of $50 bodysuits going for triple the price on eBay.

Image via Ivy Park

Image via Ivy Park

Jumping on the athletic and sport luxe trends, the line appears to be fairly basic. The majority is leggings, hoodies, and bodysuits that are lack lustre and rely heavily on the brands star power.

Already there have been complaints about pricing, with pieces reportedly ranging from $15-$300 US, as well as many unhappy with the sizing classes and fit. image

Ivy Park has been one of the most anticipated clothing releases to date and it looks like all the social media hype marketing has paid off. It’s unsure how fast retailers will be able to restock, but Beyoncé has taken the most basic of collections and made gold.

What else would we expect from Queen Bey.


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