Donald Trump protester viciously attacked at Arizona rally

Video footage from Donald Trump’s Tucson rally shows a young protester being attacked by a Trump supporter.
A young protester was attacked during Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump’s Tucson rally on Saturday.
As the man was being escorted off the premises for disrupting the crowd with a sign while wearing a t-shirt bearing the American flag, his friend, who was also escorted out, fashioned a facemask much resembling those worn by members of the Klu Klux Klan.

Video from the local ABC station, KGUN, and video obtained by the Associated Press shows two angles of the assault as the first man gets punched by a Trump supporter.
The supporter suddenly rises from his seat, rips the poster off the victim’s hands, punches him to the ground and then begins to kick him before he is stopped. The man is later seen in handcuffs and is escorted out by police.
Additional footage also showed a second pair of protesters getting harassed by the crowd as they, too, are escorted out of the venue by security.


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