The four photos every woman needs on her dating profile to find love

With millions of eligible men populating online dating sites and research revealing that
two in five of us find love on Tinder, how can you ensure that you get a right swipe?

According to experts, securing a date could all be down to what you’re wearing in your profile picture – and even selecting the right colour or material of clothing could make all the difference.

We’ve called on the best relationship experts in the business – as well as founder and fashion expert Lydia Jones, 23, from the West Midlands – to break down the four pictures that every woman needs on her dating profile to ensure she finds The One.




Kate Taylor,’s relationship expert, maintains that you should wear what you’d wear on a date in your first profile picture. ‘You need people to imagine seeing you in person. So a dress or a glamorous top will work wonders,’ she said. ‘Something flattering and dressy is the key here.’

Marie Cosnard, Head of Trends at Happn, says the women who land the most dates are the ones who keep it simple. ‘The classic little black dress will serve you well, as will a black leather jacket,’ she said

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