Johnny Depp ’driven insane’ over fears his wife had cheated on him with Cara Delevingne

JEALOUS Johnny Depp’s marriage to Amber Heard fell apart after he suspected she had cheated on him with Cara Delevingne.

Bisexual actress Amber, who has won a restraining order against the Pirate of the Caribbean star, grew close to supermodel Cara after working with her on a film in 2014.

As they spent more time partying and flaunting their friendship, Johnny, 52, is said to have become increasingly infuriated by their behaviour.


Johnny was “driven insane” by his suspicions that Amber and model Cara were “making a fool of him”, a source close to the movie icon claimed last night.

And his fears cast a huge shadow over their marriage as the actor lost all faith that bisexual Amber, who he wed in February last year, would ever be loyal.

The source said: “Amber’s friendship with Cara, which grew closer and closer over time, brought about the beginning of the end for her marriage to Johnny.
“They used to party together a lot and made no attempt to hide the fact that they were quite flirty.

“Amber always made her bisexual tendencies quite obvious.

“But that would spark furious rows with Johnny, who hated how indiscreet she was being.

“On one occasion he even screamed at her, ‘You’re making a fool of me’.

The bust-ups over Cara, 23, were said to have come around the end of 2014 while Johnny was renting a North London mansion as he filmed scenes for his new movie Alice Through The Looking Glass.

The source said: “He needed rest and sleep.

“But Cara and Amber seemed to have no respect for that.


“They were constantly partying hard going out and enjoying themselves.

“It didn’t help that Johnny couldn’t stand Cara.

“He found her obnoxious and disrespectful and would ask his staff to warn him when she was going to be around.

“He didn’t like quite a few of Amber’s friends, but he took a particular dislike to Cara.

“It was the friendship with her that really started to drive him insane.”


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