Johnny Depp’s daughter Lily-Rose is Vanitys Cover for May!

A Vanity Fair cover is a Vanity Fair cover. That’s a big deal at any age and a huge deal when you’re not even 17 yet, no matter who your parents are.

Yes, even when it’s in fwonch. It still counts.

People know of Lily-Rose Depp basically because … she’s a model and her dad’s Johnny Depp. That’s claim to fame enough for anyone. In her interview (she’s fluent in French, of course), she talks about how passionate she’s become about acting and how she wants to make it her “craft.”


And that’s exciting for all of us, because you’d have to be daft to not want to see her in movies.

But her cover photo is what really took our breath away. A lot of modeling is about the body, but this cover is all about her face. And her father’s features are so prominent. The eyes, the mouth, the chin, sure — but those glorious cheekbones are the envy of the world. And basically stolen right off of her father’s face.

It’ll be interesting to see, as her career develops, whether she’s also inherited his acting skills. Or, for that matter, his apology-style.


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