Kylie Jenner jams out to Beyonce’s breakup song “Hold Up” following split with Tyga.

Hold Up! Is Kylie Jenner trying to send Tyga a message?

Following the news of her split from the 26-year-old rapper, the reality star took to Snapchat on Friday to share a series of pics and videos of herself playing around with the app’s popular filters. In one of the videos, she lip-syncs to Beyonce’s “Hold Up,” a breakup anthem about a cheating lover off the pop star’s latest visual album, Lemonade.


The 18-year-old lip kit maven captured the Snapchat of herself while cruising around with one of her friends. “No, they used to hide from you, lie to you, but y’all know,” she pretended to sing.

Hours later, she was still jamming out to the tune.

“Hold up, they don’t love you like I love you,” Jenner mouthed as one of her pals sang the song a cappella

Queen Bey’s jam wasn’t the only somber song Jenner played in the background of her snaps, however. She also lip-synced to Russ’ “Losin Control,” which features lyrics like, “Shoulda’ ended it before it started, all she ever got was broken hearted” and “she’s fallin’ in love now, losin’ control now


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