Lip Kit by Kylie Review: A Celeb Makeup Artist Weighs In on the Sold-Out Product

Kylie Jenner‘s Lip Kit by Kylie basically sold out before it even went on sale less than two weeks ago.

Luckily, we were able to get our hands on the elusive liquid lipstick kit. Because a review means more coming from an industry pro, we decided to get a real lipstick connoisseur’s expert opinion. Enter: Social media maven and celeb makeup artistKaren Gonzalez.

You may know Karen from her 2 million plus Instagram followers over at @iluvsarahii (where you’ve probably seen her mesmerizing lip videos). The celeb makeup artist knows her way around a lipstick wand, and her always picture perfect pout is proof. The pro has pretty much tried every formula under the sun and described it best when she said, “Matte lipstick is kind of my thing.”

If you’re curious about how Kylie’s liquid lipstick stacks up, allow Karen to elaborate.

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ESC, Kylie Lip Kit

Packaging: Not surprisingly, the packaging immediately caught Karen’s attention. “The box was really chic with the drenched lips illustration,” noted Karen. The pro also loved Kylie’s “cute” signature that wrapped around the lipstick tube. “You can tell a lot of personal thought went into creating this product,” shared Karen.

The Product: The kit comes in one of three shades along with a corresponding lip liner. Karen tested the Dolce K color, but what stood out to her most was the scent. “Most other brands don’t have a smell at all but this one smelled like warm vanilla sugar,” described the pro. She emphasized how much she loved the candy-like smell, and also the fact that it had a nice, minty tingle once applied.

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The Color: The pro described the dolce color that she tested as a “matte light brownish nude”—a shade that she noted not many brands even make. “Nude to light browns are hard colors to formulate because they crack easily,” mentioned the artist. Karen was pleasantly surprised to find that Kylie’s toffee version didn’t crumble as she had anticipated.

Wearability: According to Karen, another pro of the product was the consistency. “The color stayed on for five hours and was packed with moisture,” shared the celeb artist. The extra-hydration was an added bonus for Karen. A hint of moisture lingered long after she had applied it. As for reapplication, she just had to touch up the middle section, and the second application easily layered over the first.

Final Grade: A-
“I’ve tried so many liquid lipsticks and so many of them dry out too quickly, only last for two hours or eat up your mouth, but this one is really good,” summed up Karen.

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