Little girl who lost her hair and eyelashes after intensive chemotherapy to fight cancer thanks her ‘mummy and daddy’ for staying by her side in heartrending new video

Seven-year-old Hayley Brown, who is currently fighting cancer, stole the hearts of the world, when she was pictured with just one single eyelash earlier this month.

But her strength and bravery has not abated since then.

Having gone through months of chemotherapy, the little girl from Melbourne recently underwent radiotherapy.

On Thursday, Hayley’s father, Andrew Brown, shared a moving video from the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, where Hayley had her treatment

Hayley Brown (pictured), who is currently fighting cancer, recently underwent radiotherapy in Melbourne, at the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre

In the video, Hayley and her family are pictured in the Mellbourne-based centre, both before and after Hayley has her radiotherapy.

The family thank the doctors, nurses, staff and countless others who have helped them through the difficult time.

Towards the end of the clip, Hayley whispers in her father’s ear that she also wants to thank ‘mummy and daddy’, who had been ‘taking it in turns to stay overnight at the hospital’.

The adorable seven-year-old is dressed as Batgirl throughout much of the video

Hayley’s mum and dad praise her, on account of her bravery and strength.

‘There are grown adults who would crumble under the pressure of what she has to do,’ her mum, Leia Brown, says.

 There are grown adults who would crumble under the pressure of what she has to do

‘I’m actually surprised at how tough she is,’ Andrew Brown agrees.

Speaking to Daily Mail Australia, Mr Brown said: ‘It was a great day. It is incredible to see how many smiles were captured that day.

‘Seeing her walking around so happy has messed both Leia and myself up a bit as that it not what we are used to lately.’


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