Meet New York’s Vagina Whisperer: Star surgeon who spends time designing private parts


He is known around his office as the ‘vagina whisperer’.

That’s because Dr Amir Marashi spends day in and day out creating ‘perfect’ vaginas.

The New York-based doctor specializes in vaginoplasty – surgery ‘down there’ – and performs 80 to 100 procedures each year.

And demand has grown so much the number of women undergoing the surgery has rocketed from 5,000 in 2013 to nearly 9,000 in 2015.


There are two reasons women come in for surgeries with Dr Marashi. The first is cosmetic purposes. Women feel uncomfortable about the size, the shape, or even color of their vagina.

Dr Marashi told Daily Mail Online: ‘For each person, they want something different. But the most important thing is they feel better, they feel confident.

‘Some report better orgasms, feeling more comfortable in the bedroom, and so on.’

The second is functionality purposes.

‘It’ll be someone who has had one to two children and they feel their vagina is losing shape or consistency. Usually they’re 35 or older,’ he said.

‘Or they’ll have a problem with their labia. They’re uncomfortable wearing tight clothing, tight underwear. They’re uncomfortable riding a horse or a bike.

‘They can be more prone to getting yeast infections.’

At the end of the day, Dr Marashi says, the choice is up to the patient. But he makes sure he consults with them multiple times before they do decide to undergo surgery.

The surgeon can shorten the labia, lighten the color, make the vagina moister, and amplify the G-spot.


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