Samsung Close to Acquiring QD Vision of the U.S

Samsung Electronics plans to acquire QD Vision of the United States, a specialist in quantum dot materials, for US$70 million, as part of an effort to secure quantum dot TV technology which is regarded as one of the most critical next-generation display technologies.


According to industry sources on November 22, Samsung Electronics was recently named as the prime negotiator for the acquisition of QD Vision. The details on the terms of acquisition will likely to be completed through further negotiations by next week.


QD Vision, founded by an MIT researcher, has developed quantum dot materials. Quantum dot refers to a nanometer-sized semiconductor particle. The color of the emitted light differs depending on the size of the quantum dot particles.


The color reproduction accuracy of the quantum dot technology is about five times higher than that of existing TV technologies. The new technology can also realize almost 100 percent energy efficiency, thereby contributing to the reduction in electric consumption.


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