Startup Usermind Comes Out Of Stealth With $14.5 Million And Ambitious Plan For ‘BizOps’ Software


Michel Feaster sensed a pattern developing in how companies were using software to get their work done. Marketers were signing up for their own product, Marketo, to better manage their tasks. Salespeople were living on Salesforce. For human resources, there was Workday. And so on. “Now that this software has been in the market for 10 or 15 years, there are hundreds of purpose-built functional tools,” Feaster says. “What was considered success?”

IT departments weren’t tracking that answer. Instead, small technology teams were cropping up to support each work group and its corresponding software. Speaking to several hundred operations professionals, Feaster heard the same thing over and over: they wanted an automated way to track it all across the life cycle of a product and customer, a central nerve system for those particular tools.

Feaster’s startup Usermind, which emerged from stealth on Wednesday and announced $14.5 million in new funding, intends to give them just that. The Seattle-based company offers a new kind of hub for a company’s operations, focused on the impact for a customer and end product, not which part of the organization is doing the work. It’s a term that Feaster calls “BizOps.” At its most basic, BizOps takes the collaborative principles of structuring software development around a central DevOps team and applies them to a non-technical workflow.

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